Monday, May 15, 2006

parentals in the hood


my parents are here, we are having an amazing time....

last week i was on holiday with them... we went to monterey, san francisco and lake tahoe.

here is a photo from monterey aquarium, possibly the best aquarium in the world

Friday, April 28, 2006


i'm having some problems blogging.. you may have noticed

here's a little update

- work is great

- home, in the last month we have caught many big rats and had a cracked pipe, it's not good

- i watched american dreamz at the cinema, i liked it, not an exciting story but it made me laugh, or maybe the woman sitting next to me that was laughing very hard made me laugh, it's hard to tell, laughter is so infectious

- i watched garden state again, i really like it

- i'm reading a severe mercy, written by Sheldon Vanauken with letters by C.S. Lewis. it's so beautiful and is making me cry - thanks mrs b!

i'm trying to think of something to write..

many of you know that i'm a big fan of podcasts, books on tape, music... anything i can listen to in the car, at the gym....
i recently listened to a series of sermons from Christian Assembly a Church in Eagle Rock. They are about the fruits of the spirit. I think that the one on joy is good, if you want to take a peak, they are here... go for Joy first...

okay, that's it
i'm alive, i'm well, i will try and write something more interesting soon

much love all

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the soliton sessions

for more information and photo's of ireland, see....

irish causeway

Monday, March 20, 2006

me at the moment

i am living in the mountains above pasadena again, I'm house sitting until the end of march

i am reading Moab is my Washpot, Stephen Fry's Autobiography, it's good

i am listening to old XFM shows feeding the addiction to Ricky G and the lovely Karl..thanks to mr b

i am also listening to Corinne Bailey Rae, thanks to pastor kev

i am also listening to noam chomsky, thanks to my bro

i am listening a lot, you spend lots of time in your car here

i am watching the west wing, yes ....still, i have an unfortunate habit of falling asleep half way through an episode, so I have to rewatch it the next night... and often do the same... therefore, 1 episode can take me 5 days to watch

i am eating rice, bean and cheese burritos, i love them

i am teaching a computer class tonight in long beach, i have to teach excel, i need to relearn it quick

i am drinking 'life water' it has millions of vitamins... even more than 'vitamin water' which it is obviously ripping off, my friends have all been sick, i will not lose the battle against sickness.. what does B12 do?

i am grateful

that's it

more soon

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

to ireland and back

sometimes time goes so quickly you just don't have time to log on and blog about it

i've been to ireland and back over the last 10 days, I left LA with 4 guys from the bridge community in ventura and spent 6 days having tons of fun, loads of great conversations, a good few pints of guinness and visiting some amazingly beautiful places.
our conversation focused around the gospel of hospitality and once again the soliton sessions have challenged and stretched my thinking and widened my perspective on life

I landed back in LA last week and got straight back into work which is a little tough when you're not sleeping at the right times due to jetlag...

this weekend we hosted a martini party at our house in celebration of cara's birthday, we had a fantastic night with dancing, drinking, eating and lots and lots of laughing.... we now have enough, vodka, cranberry juice, olives and other strange things to last the rest of the year... we're racking our brains to think of another reason to party next month

this week is full of work, I have meetings about the stop the traffik campaign, we have 2 teams going to build houses with habitat for humanity in houston, texas next week, we have a team leaving for brazil next month and i'm teaching a computer class

i'm also moving back up the mountain tonight to house-sit again

ok, that's all I have time for...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

i be here...


i'm here, i really am, i've been like a bee, busy that is.... but i'm back.... like slim shady..

so what's been going on?

well, the free ricky podcasts are over.. thankfully my faithful friend has given me a replacement listen.... now you may wonder why that was the first thing I mentioned after not writing for so long, the reason is this, usually on sunday evenings (which it is at this moment) I come home from the junction and download the recent podcasts to make my monday mornings more enjoyable... alas... it is no more...

okay onto more interesting news...

work is good, we had the chalke in town last week for the national pastors conference in san diego, we all went to hear him speak and cheer loudly.. he did good... i'm hoping we are going to be reaping the benefit of publicity this week

home is okay, the plumbing is not good, I can't write more, I'm welling up, it makes me cry

i've had a very fun weekend, doing nothing but spending time with people I love spending time with, oh there was some wine, sushi, birthday cake, a premier, breakfast with the girls

i went to see brokeback mountain last week, i actually thought it was a little boring, jake is lovely but I thought the storyline was weak, i also saw winter passing with will farrell, it was much much better than brokeback

hoylus - i, like em, do not understand why she was being rude..explain please..

this week i leave for the soliton session in colerain, northern ireland, i fly on wednesday, i will post on the journey

ummm, that's all for now, it's time for a cup of tea, pj's and a sneaky episode of the west wing

bye bye

Thursday, February 09, 2006

things you think people know

i was talking to my very wonderful bro this morning and it struck me afterwards how often i assume that when i tell people things i expect them to retain that information, even though we are bombarded by tons of information all day everyday and retaining everything would surely be impossible even for those people with giant brains

so i want to share some basic information about me... because i have realised that i'm having problems remembering where my brother and sister in law live, work, church... you get the picture... this morning my brother reminded me they live in Mernif... but now just 3 hours later, i think i have that wrong... it's something like mernif or mernof or merkif... see... you get the point..

so here's some basic information about me to give you more of an idea about my life and to give you a place to reference every time you forget.. if you're not interested stop reading here...

PASADENA.. i live here, pasadena is located 10 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, the city is bordered by the San Gabriel Mountains to the north.
LOS ANGELES consists of lots of cities that make up the GREATER LOS ANGELES county. This is in the state of CALIFORNIA on the west coast of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

i live in a house with 6 other people, it's a big house and here's a photo.... it's needs a coat of paint on the outside and the upstairs toilet needs fixing, it has a dodgy flush.

i drive a 1989 HONDA CIVIC SI, it's red, and a little worn.. but faithful.. it has blacked out windows done with this terrible black plastic sticky stuff.... like big sheets of double sided sticky tape... i look like a gary when I'm driving it.... it's a manual which is unusual for the here, i have mastered driving whilst drinking coffee and talking on the phone and changing gear....

i'm part of a community of people known as THE JUNCTION... you can check the website here...

i work in the city of ARCADIA which is a city directly to the East of PASADENA, I drive on the 210 Freeway for about 8 minutes to get to work each morning

ok, now you get it, right?..

any questions?